For decades, Israel has been protected at the UN by US diplomats against any possible consequences to its actions. All resolutions aimed at Israel have been vetoed by the United States, regardless of the extent of Israeli culpability. The Czech President Miloš Zeman has said: “The enemy is the anti-civilization stretching from North Africa to Indonesia. Two billion people live there, and it is financed partly by oil sales and partly by drug sales.” He was referring to Islam and Muslims. President Zeman sees Israel as the only democracy in the Middle East, and it seems to him that when an unarmed Palestinian minor is shot by an Israeli soldier, or when the Gaza Strip is bombarded by phosphorus bombs, everything is perfectly fine. However, when a Palestinian begins to assert his rights in Israel or the occupied territories, or calls for help from citizens of other countries, there is certainly involved – according to Zeman – some rich Kuwaiti oil sheik with nothing else to do, or a drug dealer.

In the Czech Republic, where we have this hard-line Islamophobic Zionist President, has arrived a Palestinian activist and a journalist from Gaza, Majed Abusalama. Among other recent political and journalistic work, Abusalama has co-produced a National Geographic documentary about Palestine, specifically on the Gaza Strip. We also have an Israeli human rights activist and maths teacher, Ronnie Barkan, who is one of the founders of Boycott From Within, an organization calling for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

Today, both of these activists will talk about their views on the question of Palestine as a historical territory, where there now lies the State of Israel, with no effective Palestinian state.